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yes, i know it's been a while since i posted anything. i've been feeling waaay to blah for waaay too long to believe anything is post worthy.

bad me. i should post regardless because it's cathartic.

sooo ... here's me getting something off my chest: 100 roadtrips: a Saiyuki Drabble Community.

my friend and i started this Saiyuki drabble community here on dreamwidth. it's been up and running since July of this year. however, it seems that the only person who posts on any regular basis is me, making it feels like a vanity project more than a community.

if anyone reads this post, please pass along the word that 100 roadtrips: a Saiyuki Drabble Community is up an running an we're looking for contributors.

thank you.
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A cool November night, two young tourists
trek through the Transylvanian countryside to see
the place that gave birth to vampires.

They cross a snakelike path; they clasp each other's hand.

Earlier that day, in the village where they were staying, old women
sold protective leather amulets and sharp smelling potions.
"Eye of newt, and toe of frog," Angela whispered as they passed by.
"Wool of bat, and tongue of dog," was Daemon's reply.

The castle silhouetted by the ashen moonlight
Its weather-battered, stone carcass stands
as a monument to the hot temper and bloody decisions
of Prince Vlad Tepes ... Dracula.

Angela turns to Daemon to say something, but the words get
caught in her throat as a cold wind kisses her neck.

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Kiss her throat, beyond the collar of her coat.
You know, the part that curves into her busty
Torso, the part connected to womanly
Hips that swerve back and forth,
Above the part way down low your hands hope to go later this night
In the hot blue surf of delight.

Cut through her beliefs with your sharp
Tongue and surprise her with the cool red of lips.
Be bold: Leap
Farther than wavering Courage's knees knock
Be aggressive: Lick
Constant Love's fears of bruises and shock.

Swing through the clouds to catch her attention,
Assuming this is your intention; ruin her life
With rock candy lollipops and eye candy charms.
Fill her arms, you huggable frog, and prove
You're Prince Charming in disguise
Standing in front of her besides.


Aug. 5th, 2013 11:00 am
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been doing a lot of excavation work, aka cleaning out, of boxes i've placed in storage.
these boxes were out-of-sight-and-mind because i didn't want to go through them.

however ... it's been months, and for some years, since i packed them.

it's amazing what i deemed save-worthy. thankfully, a nice chunk of the saved stuff is out-of-date magazines, random Op-Ed printouts from the New York Times, and trinkets i don't remember where they came from or why i kept them.

the bright side of cleaning out boxes is that i found old creative writings i did in high school and college. they're good, if i do say so myself.

i plan to post some writings i truly love in the coming days. i hope you enjoy them.

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By now, I assumed everyone has heard the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman is acquitted. He is found not guilty.

In some ways this is O.J. Simpson all over again: the constant media court coverage and people believing the Prosecution did not do their job.

From what the legal correspondents said on Disrupt with Karen Finney, the Prosecution continuously missed opportunities to bring home the point of Zimmerman's premeditation to confront "suspicious looking" guys and decision to ignore 911's advice of not pursuing the "suspicious looking" guy. These points lead into an argument for racial profiling by Zimmerman, which no one wanted to bring up in court.

In other words, congratulations to the Prosecution for your EPIC fail. You proved Justice is not only blind but incompetent.

But this is not the only tragedy the Floridian court system has seen this week. Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, Florida, fired a warning shot to protect herself and her children from her abusive husband. The shot did not hit anyone.

In other words, she stood her ground.

However, the Court did not believe Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law was not applicable in Ms. Alexander's case. The Court sentenced her to 20 years in prison. Article Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots

So the message Florida is saying is it's okay to kill someone especially if he's African American; however, if you're an African American who shoots to protect herself and kills no one, you deserve to go to jail for wasting ammo.


Jun. 6th, 2013 08:40 am
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my sister is in town, and my folks and i are going out to dinner with her tonight.

however, i feel like i just woke, even though i've been up for over 2 hours.
i hope this doesn't last all day. dinner won't be fun if it does.

in other news .... here's link to my latest drabble "Good boy" featuring Hakuryuu and Sanzo


Jun. 3rd, 2013 10:33 pm
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my watches arrived this past Saturday. major freak out .... not averted but never reached maximum capacity.

reason i was going berserk about them possibly being "lost" in the mail is that the orange vinile was a gift from my sister and brother-in-law.

silly, i know, but i'm a sentimental soul. objects have meaning to me.
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i love watching RuPaul's Drag Race. well ... the first 4 seasons and the All Star season. Season 5 was ... tiresome.

while cleaning, i found a quote from Season 4's Latrice Royale: "Bitch means Being In Total Control (of) Herself."

it's a positive twist on the word, & i like it.


May. 29th, 2013 06:40 pm
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i don't know what happened, but after working out, i lost my coordination.

i decided today was the day to start Spring cleaning. okay, technically Memorial Day weekend signifies Summer is here. however, here in New York City we just had a few days of Spring weather. so calling it Spring cleaning fits, imo.

while cleaning, i used the shredder to dispose of old receipts, papers with emails, and useless address labels. i picked up the shredder to clean it and dropped in on my toes. after cursing myself, i put an ice pack on them.

once i regained my toes, i walked to the store. on the way home, i wasn't looking where i was going and stepped on a sidewalk crack. my ankle did the sideways dip, but it bounced back. sprained ankle averted. ironically, when i went to toss the garbage down the garbage shoot, my other ankle did the sideways dip. it bounced back too, so another sprained ankle averted.

i have no clue where my mind is, but i gotta find it to make sure tomorrow is not like today.
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i received an email late last night from Peter, the customer service guy from Caseology/EOSNEWYORK, that the batteries have been changed and my orange vinile watch has a new band.

i'm so happy that my watches are ready to be sent home.

overall, a great experience with the watch company, but lousy experience with teh U.S. Postal Service.
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finally, the information on the U.S. Postal Service's Track & Confirm has been updated. the watches are out for delivery to Caseology/EOSNEWYORK.

it only took 9 days for the information to be updated.

now i no longer have to wonder whether or not the watches were "lost" in transit.


May. 22nd, 2013 10:00 pm
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i'm a big fan of the blog site Not Eating Out in New York. i've made several recipes from it. all have received glowing reviews.

I found the blog via NPR radio. i happened to be listening to NPR when the author of the blog was interviewed. she is conscientious about creating and sharing healthy recipes that are easy on the wallet.

the other day i found a recipe for a chickpea stew. i went out today to buy the couple of missing ingredients. i'm happy i did because the supermarket was air-conditioned (AC). the building i live in doesn't turn on the AC until Memorial Day weekend. in other words, the apartment is a few days shy of AC.

a couple of hours after returning home. i begin prepping to make the stew. the recipe calls for a 8 oz. can of plum tomatoes. i have a hand-crank can opener. after using it, i used my fingers to pull up the lid. i've done this hundreds of times and never thought about it. today, my opinion changed. today i sliced my thumb. after applying pressure and yelling a few obscenities, i got a band-aid on it.

after my brush with stupidity, i returned to the tomatoes. the recipe called for the tomatoes to be lightly crushed by hand. i happily dumped the tomatoes into a bowl and squished them with my good hand. the rest of the mis en place was easy.

i softened the onions then added the pressed garlic, paprika, and turmeric (my addition). once this was fragrant, in went the chickpeas. after that came to a boil, the tomatoes and cup of white wine joined the party.

as the stew simmered, i opened the windows and front door, hoping for a breeze for cross ventilation. when i went into the kitchen to check on the stew, i brought a hand-fan with me to keep cool.

in books you read the phrase "she sighed with relief." i never understood that. it sounded strange. however, when a breeze miraculously found the apartment, i understood. not only did i understand i did it: i sighed with relief.

dinner was delicious, so was the remainder of the white wine.

i look forward to the next recipe from the site i want to do: summer borscht.


May. 20th, 2013 11:12 am
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my mind is a blank. i have no idea what to do.

writing sounds like fun, but ... i'm just staring at the word document. i want to finish a story i started last summer. maybe i understand its scope and am afraid of it. i owe it to myself and the person who inspired it to finish what i started.

maybe going to the gym will help. i can daydream about the story while on the treadmill, hoping inspiring me. then i can write.
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thanks to one of my best friends, i've found manga fox.
i just started reading Saiyuki Reload Blast and Shinigami Hime no Saikon, a new to me.

Sanzo and the boys always put me in a good mood, so does Shinigami Hime. Shinigami Hime is a shojo series. new chapter are "published" every couple of weeks. it fufills my straight romance manga reading need.

back to Chapter 11 of the Princess of Death.
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preface: i am a tokidoki lover and own and use several of their wrist watches. when the batteries die, i send them to EOS, the company that makes the watches, to replace the battery. why? because when the battery died and i used a jeweler, the watch still did not work after the battery was changed.

story: this past Monday, I mailed watches via US Postal Service first class mail with tracking to EOS for battery replacement and for a new band. i did not buy insurance for this.

according to the receipt, estimated delivery date was May 16, 2013.

however, according to USPS Track & Confirm, the watches were Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility in Jersey City, NJ, on May 14, 2013. there is no other information.

i am afraid that my watches have been "lost in transit". i am pissed at myself for not buying insurance because if i had, i might be able to buy replacements. though to be honest the amount i would have insured the watches for would only buy me 1 replacement watch.

here are the watches i fear are lost:

tokidoki watches orange vinyp and zipper


Apr. 30th, 2013 08:00 am
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is it possible to wake up on Tuesday and feel even less motivated about the week than you do on a Monday? i would say yes, since that's how i feel.

i'm not sick or coming down with anything. i'm happily imbibing on a cup of coffee. yet the urge to run back to bed tangible.

has anyone else experienced this?
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Title: (Il)legalities

He never understood why they existed. There was always someone to break them or find a way around them.

The sheer number of them made him laugh. The topics they covered made him laugh even harder: what you can do, what you can't do, who is eligible to rule, how to rule, what is right, what is wrong, who you can fuck, who you can’t fuck.

The last one was the most absurd one of them all. He always wanted to know how the "authorities" would monitor this. Secretly install hidden camera in ever hotel/motel room bedroom?

He smiled at that thought. He secretly placed hidden cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms one of the times they went to stop Komyou’s boy and his lackeys. He was deeply disappointed in what occurred in two of the bedrooms and showers. He thought one of those prudes would masturbate. He mused that he should lock them in a room together and pump in a gas to help them give in to their primal urges. He knew he could do that only once. Though the aftermath would be delicious, it would take away any anticipation or enjoyment he had to slake their urges on their own.

The third, however, made up for them. He was a pleasure to watch. The gusto he showed while in the shower was almost breathtaking. Certainly cigarette-worthy.

He wondered what would happen if he got a hold of that one, fuck that one. He became hard with the possibilities. Playing with new toys aroused him. He took a deep breath and relaxed. He knew it was better to bide his time and devise the best way to use that one.

Playing with toys always brought his thoughts back to him that smiling fool. That tempest behind the cool exterior. He never got to fully enjoy him. He wondered what life would be like if he had lived and the boy died. Some of Man’s laws certainly would be broken.

But the boy lived, leaving him to dream up new ways to break others laws.

He wondered how the "authorities" came up with these laws. Did something in their lives scare them to create such things? Was it out of jealousy or greed?

These idiots didn't realize that Man, after all, was just a more developed animal. Man still lived by the four Fs: fight, flight, feed, fuck. Were laws really going to protect Man from the Laws of Nature? Or were they pathetic reminders of Man’s superiority over other animals?

Indulging in those Laws made Life more colorful. The chaos they wrought.

Living by those Laws were the only ones that made sense. Not that he always participate in fight or flight ones. He preferred using toys for that.

His thoughts went back to the third. He realized there was more than one way to use him aside from fuck: fight. The best fight was dissension because of its subtleties. A whisper here. An act there.

And the best part was that all the laws created couldn't prove that he was behind it. No law of Man ever would.

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the fic features Nii x Dokugakouji. it was a gift in one of the holiday exchanges.

i'd appreciate the help.
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am i the only one this slipped by? Saiyuki Gaiden is on DVD.

it is not a dubbed version, but a subbed version. i can live with that.
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Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden Icons by feait
please credit me if you take an icon. thank you.
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